Occasionally, you might need to have your Vispronet® order shipped somewhere else. A number of scenarios might have happened:

  • you booked a different hotel than the one you were originally staying at
  • your trade show is in a different city, state or even country
  • your event isn't until much later, and you need the item(s) held
  • you put an incorrect address in at the time of shipment
  • you're not going to be home when the order arrives, and want it sent somewhere else, such as your office or the post office

Regardless of the reason, your order is going to Point A, and you need it to go to Point B. What are you to do? Well, luckily both UPS and FedEx have you covered.

If your package has been shipped by UPS (usually identified by a tracking number starting with "1Z"), you have a recourse in the form of UPS My Choice. My Choice is offered in two service tiers: a free "member" tier and a paid "premium" tier. The table below explains the differences between the two tiers.

Main FeaturesFree Member TierPaid Member Tier
Delivery alerts
Delivery planning
Estimated delivery times
Shipment releases authorized
Can be held at a UPS Customer Center
"Leave At" instructions
Can be left with a neighbor
Will be delivered to a UPS Access Point location$
Package will be delivered another day$
Package will be delivered to another address$
Upgrade UPS SurePost packages to Ground$
Confirm delivery windows$

If you'd like to sign up for either tier of the UPS My Choice program, you can do so at the UPS website.

If your order has been shipped by FedEx (identified by a 12-digit tracking number if FedEx Express or a 15-digit tracking number if FedEx Ground), you can set up alternate package handling options through their FedEx Delivery Manager® program. The FedEx Delivery Manager® program offers several different features to help facilitate getting your package where it needs to go, including:

FedEx Delivery Manager® Program Features
Redirect your package to any FedEx location in the country
Give your FedEx driver specific delivery instructions
Customize your package’s delivery time
Redirect your package to another non-FedEx address
Remotely sign for your package
Hold your package for pickup if you’re on vacation or otherwise away
Receive delivery notifications and other info as necessary

The FedEx Delivery Manager® program is free of charge. You can sign up at the FedEx website.