Pantone® colors are a set of colors used for printers to mix ink so that they can replicate certain specific tones and colors according to a set standard. Pantone® colors are part of the Pantone® Matching System, which is a set of color books that list most of the different colors that can be created when mixing printer inks.

We ask that when you send us your artwork, you specify PMS colors whenever possible to ensure that we can more accurately reproduce your colors.

Any Pantone® colors you send us must be set to 100% opacity. Unexpected results may occur if transparencies of any kind are used.

Please note that we cannot reproduce any metallic or fluorescent Pantone® colors due to the nature of the digital printing process.

All colors should be chosen from one of the Pantone® Color Books to ensure accuracy – colors shown on monitors are RGB approximations.

When using Pantone® colors in a raster graphics program (Adobe® Photoshop®), you will need to create a color channel for each spot color you wish to use.