To ensure first-time success in submitting your graphics, there are a few guidelines you should follow:

Design all graphics files at a 1:10 scale (exceptions apply to small print sizes*). A minimum resolution of 360dpi on textile (fabric) or 800dpi on any other material (i.e. vinyl, rigid materials, etc.) is required for raster (pixel) images designed at a 1:10 scale ratio. Vector (EPS) art files are preferred.

We recommend a resolution of 600dpi on textile and 1000dpi on any other material, especially for images with fonts and crisp curves. However, files below a 360dpi/800dpi resolution can still be printed but might not reach optimal print quality.

Note: In a graphics program, increasing the DPI (dots per inch) of an image size does not improve the resolution. Low resolution files, such as GIF and PNG, are mainly used as web graphics and will print blocky or "pixelated."

A 1:10 ratio does not diminish the quality of the final graphics. If our recommended DPI settings are followed and the files are laid out at the correct size under a 1:10 ratio, your graphics will print properly.

Review your graphics at final size on your monitor before submission. Look for pixilation, over lapping graphics and effects. When viewing your graphics at full size, be sure there are no errors or objects that were not visible when being created.

 *Exception for smaller products: If artwork is smaller than 16in x 16in and designed at 1:1 scale ratio, minimum resolution is 300dpi.